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Apple is cooking a new streaming …. AppleTV?

There is an internet standards draft marked “work in progress” published, which looks like a Standard to deliver Slideshows, on-Demand Media and similar things to an AppleTV. I didn’t research on the CVs of the named authors, but it is interesting that Apple took this route, rather than enhancing or using SMIL, Quicktime Atom (moov), mp4 (the interactive Container Format) or (x)html for this purpose. It seems targeted to existing Webradio Providers, so they can deliver with existing CMS Systems fast. Did anyone say the GoogleTV is made to put traditional media out of the loop? I would say the AppleTV is made to get you away from your traditional linear media distribution ways towards an internet based (iTunes moderated) media delivery. I for my part will have my work ready to deliver this way, if this internet draft goes through.

Here is the Link

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  1. sean

    Yes, well, historically, the reason for such a switch would be that there is a longer term strategy, which may or may not be public one day, which utilizes something in the new standards. I couldn’t begin to hazard what that is, but I imagine it is something we simply haven’t seen before!

    Feb 16, 2011 @ 1:25 am