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hidden CLI on netgear switches GS-108T GS-110TP …

If you happen to use one of the ‘smart managed’ switches from netgear, e.g. the GS-108T, or a GS-110TP as in the link below,
you might want a CLI to automate the configuration. Unfortunately there isn’t one officially.

Luckily there is one, on port 60000

telnet to your switch on port 6000,
depending on firmware you need to wait for timeout of the first process and start the cli by entering ‘MCLI’ with the same password.
You might want to tinker with the variable rlTerminalDebugModePassword, but I didn’t need to.

I found a more detailed explanation here

Basically on the ‘wait …’ prompt enter ‘admin’ and your admin password.
Beware: not fully polished, you might crash or lock your device. Only change things you know from the web interface, and be prepared to reset your device. I didn’t manage to brick my switch, but I wouldn’t count on it. It might be possible. You can check snmp config here, too!

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