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photoshop for hackers

Had this link sitting in my drafts since 2011/06/09, and since I posted something about photography today, I thought I push this one out as well. Photoshop filters are fine for creative work, but when they are included into a workflow, it gets boring, and prone to errors. So why not run image manipulation in [...]

’nuff said on photography …

I got dragged by a google result into this excellence photo know-how site run by Ken Rockwell from the States. I have no current application for this advanced know how, but I want to guide you to it, before you want to ask me about calibration, color profiles, DLSR picture digesting etc. He has some [...]

raspberry pi video streaming …

If you find your self on the receiving end of the question “how to get the raspi-cam to stream out? here is the cheat sheet. It includes the use of netcat, mplayer, vlc and gstreamer. On the device, and on the receiver.

HQ Test Videos …

In case you (like me) need a good collection of high quality test videos, just follow this link. This should help me, in case I forget again

desktop streaming

Finally I come around to publish an 3.5y old draft. On 20120130 (iso style date), I was closing a project where I needed streaming a (Linux/X11) desktop to (Digital) TVs. So I wanted to flush out my notes to this blog, but never did, until today. You still need to tell the TV to watch [...]

mpeg-dash with ffmpeg for HbbTV delivery … (UHD included!)

When looking (reading) around for other HbbTV projects, I found this blog which has a quick walk through in content conversion for HbbTV. Since this is a quick write up for complete coverage of their destination formats, including the command lines, I post it here, as a cheat sheet, in case your ffmpeg blows up [...]

finally a example of XRandR

A mailing-list post named “XRandR transform (keystone correction) ….” is finally the rosetta stone to understand XRandR. the important part (thanks to Glynn Clements for this): First, the transformation converts from output coordinates to input coordinates. So the above will result in the bottom corners of the screen being mapped 100 pixels in from [...]

Image averaging explained

Searching for a averaging solution, I stumbled across this peace of the blogosphere, that you should read. Stephan Paukner explains how image average works in Imagemagick, and how we would feel it should. Adding to his explanation I can say: This is caused by the ‘never look ahead at the next item’ strategy, which lets [...]

Imagemagick ….magic scripts (err formula)

Go to and experience a new level of imagemagick, with Fred’s magic formula. He has scripts for the different usage cases of imagemagick. Of course you need imagemagick, but this on every platform, is another story.

UPC Digital ohne Box

Heutige Recherche zum Thema UPC Telekabel Digital Basis / MINI / CI+ mit DVB-C Endgerät: Wien / WU Mini: Netzwerk-ID: 43168 Basisfrequenz: 306 MHz SR: 6900 Modulation: QAM-256 Wien / WU CI+: wie oben, aber … Basisfrequenz: 466 MHz Wien / WU Basis: wie oben, aber: Basisfrequenz: 108 MHz SR: 6000 (von DVB-T umgewandelt)

ffmpeg ts to mp4 with all audio streams

I’m trying to convert a TV recording made in mpeg-ts format, to be viewed on apple tv via itunes. I want to bring over all language variants, so I found this command useful: ffmpeg -i /Volumes/deleteme/20130817_2015-0033_ORF2HD.ts -map 0:v -map 0:a -c copy /Volumes/20130817_2015-0033_ORF2HD/20130817_2015-0033_ORF2HD.mp4 So I finally can try to find time to watch that opera. [...]

links to x264 settings explanation

x264 settings helpers … helped me understanding x264. two must read links.

How to create working media files for Sony Bravia TV’s media player using ffmpeg

Got a Sony Bravia TV’s (KDL-xxEXxxx)? Want to play that mkv you downloaded? Better read this before getting frustrated with the “features” of the built in media player. Sebastian did the experimental work to get his movie file and TV media player together.

Flameeyes’s Weblog : FFmpeg, AppleTV and conversions

Recently I was searching for some obscure and seldom used ffmpeg option, if there where any reports about success on the web, and I found this article: Flameeyes’s Weblog : FFmpeg, AppleTV and conversions In the Article the author describes his problems with encoding for his AppleTV (first generation). But further down in the article [...]

Apple is cooking a new streaming …. AppleTV?

There is an internet standards draft marked “work in progress” published, which looks like a Standard to deliver Slideshows, on-Demand Media and similar things to an AppleTV. I didn’t research on the CVs of the named authors, but it is interesting that Apple took this route, rather than enhancing or using SMIL, Quicktime Atom (moov), [...]

15 DVB software links to watch out for …

While searching for more use of the high DVB Signal availability in this city I found some interesting links to try that are introduced below: tv_grab_dvb « no longer supported, but WORKS! It is a simple app, that spits out the DVB-EPG information in XMLTV Schema. Very useful if you want to prove how much [...]

robert.swain » bit rate, file size, quality misunderstandings

Another ffmpeg related finding on the web: robert.swain » bit rate, file size, quality misunderstandings. When working with ffmpeg I always find this article under the first in Google’s PageRank, and  it is really a good start if you have no idea how to understand video encoding’s inner workings. The article ends in the explanation [...]

DVPAL, DVCPRO, DVCPRO50 with mencoder, ffmpeg, vlc

In case you have wondered how to encode to different DV Formats in Mencoder, ffmpeg or VLC: The Difference between DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO5o (there is a difference between all of them in PAL) is switched through the pixel format. The command is similar on all three, since they share the library.