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compare your programming skills, with tetris!

Very inspiring programming demo, not because it is done in an outdated language on an simulator, but because it utilizes concepts as functions, arrays, bit masks and timers. Description in PDF Live Coding and Demo Video (MKV) Youtube Oh, and it involves TETRIS! T E T R I S!

photoshop for hackers

Had this link sitting in my drafts since 2011/06/09, and since I posted something about photography today, I thought I push this one out as well. Photoshop filters are fine for creative work, but when they are included into a workflow, it gets boring, and prone to errors. So why not run image manipulation in [...]

Image averaging explained

Searching for a averaging solution, I stumbled across this peace of the blogosphere, that you should read. Stephan Paukner explains how image average works in Imagemagick, and how we would feel it should. Adding to his explanation I can say: This is caused by the ‘never look ahead at the next item’ strategy, which lets [...]

Imagemagick ….magic scripts (err formula)

Go to and experience a new level of imagemagick, with Fred’s magic formula. He has scripts for the different usage cases of imagemagick. Of course you need imagemagick, but this on every platform, is another story.

intelligent tv …. is it possible?

Are you still searching for the one TV content, that is intelligent? here are two suggestions, worth checking out: Ted Rosling @ TED2007 (while you’re at it, check out the other content as well Hirsi Ali @ Commonwealth Club (more content at Maybe more of 3SAT/NPR style, but worth it to concentrate on [...]