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network technology
Identify a browser without relying on an IP Address

Most browsers are unique, as you might have read at (test included). But you should also read, there you learn about all the different methods to identify a browser. So enjoy your static IP address, nobody is using IP for identification anymore.

bandwidth myth …. on hamnet wifi use

Note to myself: If anybody claims 5 MHz channels lead to higher stability, should have a look at this numbers. You need to have a good calculation of your propagation in 2.4 GHz to counter this numbers, as it is well researched. Here the Link in clear sight:

raspberry pi video streaming …

If you find your self on the receiving end of the question “how to get the raspi-cam to stream out? here is the cheat sheet. It includes the use of netcat, mplayer, vlc and gstreamer. On the device, and on the receiver.

meet the OSPF admin from Hell, or better blackhole networks (OAFH/OAFBN)

I found this post amusing and educating at the same time. Overloading the OSPF LSDB Long story short, this admin takes his lab setup for a ride to 500k routes in OSPF and BGP, to see how a full BGP table would fit on this rather old test devices (and when and how they would [...]

hidden CLI on netgear switches GS-108T GS-110TP …

If you happen to use one of the ‘smart managed’ switches from netgear, e.g. the GS-108T, or a GS-110TP as in the link below, you might want a CLI to automate the configuration. Unfortunately there isn’t one officially. Luckily there is one, on port 60000 telnet to your switch on port 6000, depending on firmware [...]

commandline pastebin …. DIY …

sprunge(1) SPRUNGE sprunge(1) NAME sprunge: command line pastebin. SYNOPSIS | curl -F ‘sprunge=

interesting browser application ideas

This is an interesting idea for a office wall tv (if there is a browser available) A CSS 3 Status Monitor Display this is interesting for low-spec data loggers, if the browser has more power than the server. Clientside javascript RRD drawing

UCE / SPAM / Blacklists to check out

While reading about the non-existing APEWS removal form, I found nice lists of blacklist resources, that I could use easily.

Happy about a special SPAM … (IPv6!!)

I today celebrate the reception of SPAM!
Yes, you read correctly, I celebrate a SPAM message. But not any average SPAM message. While cleaning out my Junk Mail folder I found a message, sent via IPv6 to my Mail Server. (full source included after the jump)

PostgreSQL replication

I did some research to find the popular opinion about master/slave and master/master replication in PostgreSQL. To my surprise, there are ready made options in the PostgreSQL Wiki. So if you search for that, continue reading there without having to go through dodgy forum posts, as most of them refer to the same or similar [...]

Mac OS X Server like AD for SSO

If you are using a lot of Macs in your lab, or you are planning to do so, you might be interested to know that there is a single-sign-on solution for Mac OS X, that works about as easy as Windows Domain Controllers for that purpose. Of course Macs play nice with a Windows Server, [...]

how to (code)name your servers/projects …

When naming servers, it can be quite hard to remember what srv03 was for, and if srv06 or srv02 is the primary MX for your company. When repurposing servers, say you move the MX away to the new srv09, then retire the database host on srv03, rename srv09 to srv03. And then you go on [...]

html, jpg, data and swf/flv from pcap

Behind this clunky title hides the howto to fetch most of the objects transmitted to your computer from the transmission dump file. Say you see this interesting website, but can’t figure out how they transmit the information to your browser. The data is there, but looking at the generated source isn’t helpful. The information is [...]

Apple is cooking a new streaming …. AppleTV?

There is an internet standards draft marked “work in progress” published, which looks like a Standard to deliver Slideshows, on-Demand Media and similar things to an AppleTV. I didn’t research on the CVs of the named authors, but it is interesting that Apple took this route, rather than enhancing or using SMIL, Quicktime Atom (moov), [...]

mysql debug tools

If you ever need to debug a mysql installation, here is the post in the mysqlperformanceblog, listing all the cool tools. Better review them now, otherwise you won’t know what to do if the need arises.

Linux Bonding … an Introduction

If you ever thought about having more than one ethernet link in action on your linux server or pc, you should have a chance to learn more about the inner working of that, to fully use all that available bandwidth or protection. Here is a link to get further reading about the available modes, bonding [...]

ten reasons why e-mail is here to stay (or why e-mail is a great invention)

In case you have ever wondered, what is one of the greatest inventions of the Internet Age, I want to introduce one great Candidate: the Simple Mail Transport Protocol as defined in RFC 821 in August 1982. There are lot of contrary opinions out there (1) (2) (3), but they reflect on social trends as [...]

DEF CON® Hacking Conference – Links to Hacking Related Topics

Surf-along-site: DEF CON® Hacking Conference – Links to Hacking Related Topics . The Link collection of DEF CON invites you to further reading.

Getting Data of TCP Streams in Monitoring

Have you ever connected to the monitoring port of your switch, seeing Mbit/s of traffic going by (mostly from automated equipment), and want to know what is going through? Here is my result to the quest, finding out what this or that stupid flash applet is transmitting and downloading. Chaosreader. html-ized, downloadable trace output tcpick: a [...]


If you have to check your zone configuration, there is a nice web form capable of IPv6, DNSSec, but also the more traditional things are checked … If you are unsure of correct delegation, click the following link ….

MySQL Howto …. so richtig

In dem Blog habe ich MySQL Audit gefunden, und jetzt auch das Know-How über drizzle also unbedingt weiterlesen unter:

network management tools …

In case you’ve ever found you in a situation with too many network devices, and unable to watch them all, or get alerts in time … has a good overview over many of the useful open source helpers to keep your network going. Focused on the installation on the mac, but useful for everybody, [...]