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openssl for netcat use

If you ever have a need for a pipe to netcat, you might want to want to enhance your connection with encryption, here is a short example running the connection with openssl, instead of netcat. openssl s_server -cert /etc/ssl/server.crt -key /etc/ssl/private/server.pem yeah, that’s right, you need a certificate. I reused the one of my webserver. [...]

compress pdf on the command line

This is a quick note to myself … when I have to compress PDFs again (e.g. to send out CVs), this command made my day … and the PDF from 2.6 MB to 77KB! gs -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -dCompatibilityLevel=1.4 -dPDFSETTINGS=/ebook -dNOPAUSE -dQUIET -dBATCH -sOutputFile=~/compressed.pdf ~/fromprinterdriver.pdf I found it on the address below … there is also an [...]

ibm pizzabox 326m

I had to dig the updates for a refurbished server bought cheaply. As I learned that IBM eServer 326 8848 and IBM eServer 326m 7969 are not similar, I finally found the following links, that I want to share here (and remember, as I might need them again): 326m Hardware Maintenance Manual and Troubleshooting Guide [...]

how to (code)name your servers/projects …

When naming servers, it can be quite hard to remember what srv03 was for, and if srv06 or srv02 is the primary MX for your company. When repurposing servers, say you move the MX away to the new srv09, then retire the database host on srv03, rename srv09 to srv03. And then you go on [...]

CSS magic explained

I did a bit of a CSS research in 2010, and never published the links that helped me that year. Since they are still online, and still good, I thought there is room for a few CSS reading links. So if you only get rid of that html-table, or finally want to understand how a [...]

A tool to visualize disk space

In case you have asked yourself the question, where has all my disk space gone? This little programmes can give you an answer, by visualizing your hard disk usage. Little files and folders are small, others are bigger. I guess there are Windows Programmes as well, but then you might not read here. All others [...]

klassische Kunst zitiert in der Populärkultur

Beim allwöchentlichen Desperate-Housewives-Schauen mal kurz über die Kunstwerke des Intros nachgedacht? Ich schon. Hier die Liste zum Nachlesen(schauen): Lucas Cranach d. Ältere “Adam und Eva” 1526 Profil aus der Altägyptische Kunst Jan van Eyck “Arnolfini-Hochzeit” 1434 Grant Wood’s “American Gothic,” (1930) Roy Lichtenstein-Style Girl Keine Sorge, fast alles gut gesichtete Wikipediaartikel.

DEF CON® Hacking Conference – Links to Hacking Related Topics

Surf-along-site: DEF CON® Hacking Conference – Links to Hacking Related Topics . The Link collection of DEF CON invites you to further reading.

PhotoShelter — another “top 10 ways … Blog”

Wider Angles: The Apple iPad. Publishing Evolution? Photography Revolution? – A Picture’s Worth | PhotoShelter. If you ever tried to find out what is the try writing your articles like photoshelter, call all of them “top 10 ways to …”. I guess you’ll find out how others spend time as effective as afternoon television [...]

Replik auf … Die Rückkehr der Datenleichen. « Pflaumensaft

Wenn ein guter Vorschlag, wie der des Datenbriefs schlecht beschrieben wird, dann kommen Angstzustände, wie die von “Pflaumensaft” heraus. Dabei kann man ganz leicht aus dem Datenbriefkonzept die Absicht der Autoren herauslesen. Es geht ja gerade darum, die Datenspeicherung über die Kontrollfrist von z.B. ein Jahr hinaus unattraktiv zu machen. Aber in der Kritik ist [...]