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Identify a browser without relying on an IP Address

Most browsers are unique, as you might have read at (test included). But you should also read, there you learn about all the different methods to identify a browser. So enjoy your static IP address, nobody is using IP for identification anymore.

4 parts icloud uses …

Had a quick glance over the smtp headers generated by icloud today. I noticed four things there: Oracle Communications Messaging Server 64bit X-Proofpoint-Virus-Version: vendor=fsecure engine=2.50.10432:,, definitions=2015-12-18_04:,, signatures=0 DHE-RSA-AES128-SHA (128/128 bits) X-Proofpoint-Spam-Details: rule=notspam policy=default score=0 spamscore=0 clxscore=1015 suspectscore=0 malwarescore=0 phishscore=0 adultscore=0 bulkscore=0 classifier=spam adjust=0 reason=mlx scancount=1 engine=8.0.1-1510270003 definitions=main-1512180176 ad 1: from the buying power, the [...]

parallelism (not really) in bash

while researching about at/atq under linux, I came across this interesting piece of example code, how to run shell processing of files (or file based jobs) in parallel, using bash and makefiles. check it out here

Rate limiting packets filtered with iptables

Recently I was searching again for a good tc tutorial, to pass along as a good starter in bandwidth shaping. Then I came across thisblog post, in which the author describes how to rate limit the FCC, to make a very obvious example what missing network neutrality can do to you.

meet the OSPF admin from Hell, or better blackhole networks (OAFH/OAFBN)

I found this post amusing and educating at the same time. Overloading the OSPF LSDB Long story short, this admin takes his lab setup for a ride to 500k routes in OSPF and BGP, to see how a full BGP table would fit on this rather old test devices (and when and how they would [...]

compress pdf on the command line

This is a quick note to myself … when I have to compress PDFs again (e.g. to send out CVs), this command made my day … and the PDF from 2.6 MB to 77KB! gs -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -dCompatibilityLevel=1.4 -dPDFSETTINGS=/ebook -dNOPAUSE -dQUIET -dBATCH -sOutputFile=~/compressed.pdf ~/fromprinterdriver.pdf I found it on the address below … there is also an [...]

mayor microsoft ipv6 literals cock-up

usually I don’t write like this, but this issue justifies a little more direct language. Microsoft insanely invented a not well known ipv6 backwards compatible “technology”. As defined in RFC, you COULD use a literal ipv6 address in an URL. Just some browsers ignore that (hello Safari?). To mount an windows share you COULD use [...]


Ich wollte mal wieder meine Heimat sehen … Dank Internet, gleich erledigt. Witzig ist nur der Unterschied in der Tageszeit, Wien und Dortmund sind jetzt (Anfang Juli) fast eine Stunde unterschiedlich, beim Sonnenuntergang. Hier dunkel, dort noch nicht einmal Straßenbeleuchtung Webcam 1 von Grüeninger Büro- und Computer Technik Webcam 2 von Zahnarzt Willy Olfers Webcam [...]

DVB-S Satellite Receiving Reading List

Hier eine kleine Literaturzusammenstellung,
wer sich in DVB-S Empfang hineinlesen will.
Es soll mal als Startpunkt dienen, weil jeder weiß schon was, aber findet dann doch immer wieder mal einen Aspekt der noch nicht vertraut ist.

LDAP … read and understand (and know why LDAP is still there)

Here is a list of links for comfortable LDAP work, impressive open source software, this is. LDAPweb, opensource@hp LDAP Tool Box … a few highlights: Initscript with additional functions: openldap-initscript multimasterreplication script Password expiration check script (with e-mail reminders) Cacti Integration: operation statistics, response time OpenSSH LDAP Public Key Storage Configuration Example for DHCP with [...]

lots of posts today

As you might have noticed, I emptied out the drafts sitting in another bookmarking system. Here in WordPress I have still some drafts that need to be finished and published. But for my time relieve, I closed my work account, and moved all links here, for all to see.

Really good blog …

This Blog had a solution for me multiple times … So if you are searching for technical quests, and how to describe them good with a solution, continue reading here …

Object (face) recognition from broadcast footage …

If you ever wanted to have the names of characters automatically located in every scene for better trailer work, this is a must read. Mark Everingham, Josef Sivic and Andrew Zisserman “Automatic Naming of Characters in TV Video” You want to have your own try (on linux): or on OS X (and others): [...]

1st Amateur Radio reading list

As you might know, I raised my disaster protection a few points by getting certified as an amateur radio operator (OE1VHB). I’m class 1 certified, so this allows me to be active in a LOT of countries (CEPT plus most of the industrialized world without further paper work for three months). Here is my first [...]

insecurity moments

hax0r linkz … (english links, german pretext) Falls diese Geschichten fiktiv sein sollten, sind sie umso besser, weil so einen insecure-WLAN-Moment hatte mal jeder von uns, (ich am Flughafen Amsterdam mit Mathias Müller), und so eine schlechte Firmenstruktur habe ich mal sanieren müssen. D.h. damit ich keine Details der betroffenen erzählen muss, lass ich das [...]

Disable DigiNotar Root Certificate now!

Here is a short summary, how to disable the DigiNotar Root Certificate, which was successfully used to impersonate googlemail. If you use Firefox, the statement of the Mozilla Foundation is here. For Mac OS X, open Keychain Access (Schlüsselbund in German), use Search to locate DigiNotar Root CA, then “Get Info” via right click/ctrl [...]

All around BartPE (or my new research on simplifying Windows)

After having to deal with an old windows laptop, the first after five or more years, I researched a bit on a topic which was hot last time dealing with Windows minimal Bootdisks. BartPE! (BartPE Homepage) Fortunately it is still there, and more useful than ever, since the widespread support of PXE in modern PCs. [...]

International Summit for Community Wireless

If you can’t be here in Vienna today, here is your chance to watch the sessions of the main auditorium. Thursday and most of Friday are listed below. Thursday: Opening who is who friday morning session A Freemium model for sustainable and scalable community networks open spectrum policy who is who friday afternoon part 1(freifunk) [...]

DEF CON® Hacking Conference – Links to Hacking Related Topics

Surf-along-site: DEF CON® Hacking Conference – Links to Hacking Related Topics . The Link collection of DEF CON invites you to further reading.

Network bridge in Xen Dom0

when setting up another Xen hosting, I found this script, network-bridge-xen, which helped me to understand how to create exactly this ,—— vlan 2 (private vlan, only for the dom0) peth0 —– `—— vlan X (public vlan, for the domu) which is taken from the Maybe you’ll find this useful, when creating your own [...]

System Administrator Appreciation Day

Today is System Administrator Appreciation Day. So just say “thank you” to your local sysop or sysadmin. Hope this little reminder helps, as I got thanked by the very important user.

G-Loaded! (blog)

G-Loaded!. Good general opinion blog that I would like to recommend if you find nothing more to read right now …

shell-fu … knows shell

In case you feel like you want to get more of the ‘power-user-mode’ of your computer … learn more shell (command line) know how at Update: don’t forget to try

Störung des alten e-Mailsystems

Der ehrenamtliche Upstream-Provider des alten e-Mailsystems hat den Dienst eingestellt! (Danke Franz Xaver für sechs Jahre IP Upstream). Ich migriere mit Hochdruck alle Mailboxen auf den neuen Server. Kopiert sind sie schon, allerdings weiß der Server noch nicht mit allen etwas anzufangen. Ich versuche die alle heute noch in Betrieb zu nehmen. Leider hat unser [...]