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symfony deployment check list

when you deploy a symfony application, especially if it isn’t yours, I need a check list, otherwise I tend to forget things. This one helped me: it is from 2010, but still helps, since apps don’t get younger without a deployment. After deployment, I run further checks, similar to the ones written down here: [...]

desktop streaming

Finally I come around to publish an 3.5y old draft. On 20120130 (iso style date), I was closing a project where I needed streaming a (Linux/X11) desktop to (Digital) TVs. So I wanted to flush out my notes to this blog, but never did, until today. You still need to tell the TV to watch [...]

mpeg-dash with ffmpeg for HbbTV delivery … (UHD included!)

When looking (reading) around for other HbbTV projects, I found this blog which has a quick walk through in content conversion for HbbTV. Since this is a quick write up for complete coverage of their destination formats, including the command lines, I post it here, as a cheat sheet, in case your ffmpeg blows up [...]

error handling in bash

another post I found about bash, and how to write shell code that lives for decades, this time for good (and not the horrible nightmare that hounds you down 15 years later). Before following the link, please note that the code example explained therein created some controversy about writing style, capitalizations, and POSIX sh compliance: [...]

parallelism (not really) in bash

while researching about at/atq under linux, I came across this interesting piece of example code, how to run shell processing of files (or file based jobs) in parallel, using bash and makefiles. check it out here

Rate limiting packets filtered with iptables

Recently I was searching again for a good tc tutorial, to pass along as a good starter in bandwidth shaping. Then I came across thisblog post, in which the author describes how to rate limit the FCC, to make a very obvious example what missing network neutrality can do to you.

finally a example of XRandR

A mailing-list post named “XRandR transform (keystone correction) ….” is finally the rosetta stone to understand XRandR. the important part (thanks to Glynn Clements for this): First, the transformation converts from output coordinates to input coordinates. So the above will result in the bottom corners of the screen being mapped 100 pixels in from [...]

meet the OSPF admin from Hell, or better blackhole networks (OAFH/OAFBN)

I found this post amusing and educating at the same time. Overloading the OSPF LSDB Long story short, this admin takes his lab setup for a ride to 500k routes in OSPF and BGP, to see how a full BGP table would fit on this rather old test devices (and when and how they would [...]

compress pdf on the command line

This is a quick note to myself … when I have to compress PDFs again (e.g. to send out CVs), this command made my day … and the PDF from 2.6 MB to 77KB! gs -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -dCompatibilityLevel=1.4 -dPDFSETTINGS=/ebook -dNOPAUSE -dQUIET -dBATCH -sOutputFile=~/compressed.pdf ~/fromprinterdriver.pdf I found it on the address below … there is also an [...]