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mayor microsoft ipv6 literals cock-up

usually I don’t write like this, but this issue justifies a little more direct language. Microsoft insanely invented a not well known ipv6 backwards compatible “technology”. As defined in RFC, you COULD use a literal ipv6 address in an URL. Just some browsers ignore that (hello Safari?). To mount an windows share you COULD use [...]

hidden CLI on netgear switches GS-108T GS-110TP …

If you happen to use one of the ‘smart managed’ switches from netgear, e.g. the GS-108T, or a GS-110TP as in the link below, you might want a CLI to automate the configuration. Unfortunately there isn’t one officially. Luckily there is one, on port 60000 telnet to your switch on port 6000, depending on firmware [...]

commandline pastebin …. DIY …

sprunge(1) SPRUNGE sprunge(1) NAME sprunge: command line pastebin. SYNOPSIS | curl -F ‘sprunge=

Image averaging explained

Searching for a averaging solution, I stumbled across this peace of the blogosphere, that you should read. Stephan Paukner explains how image average works in Imagemagick, and how we would feel it should. Adding to his explanation I can say: This is caused by the ‘never look ahead at the next item’ strategy, which lets [...]

Imagemagick ….magic scripts (err formula)

Go to and experience a new level of imagemagick, with Fred’s magic formula. He has scripts for the different usage cases of imagemagick. Of course you need imagemagick, but this on every platform, is another story.

UPC Digital ohne Box

Heutige Recherche zum Thema UPC Telekabel Digital Basis / MINI / CI+ mit DVB-C Endgerät: Wien / WU Mini: Netzwerk-ID: 43168 Basisfrequenz: 306 MHz SR: 6900 Modulation: QAM-256 Wien / WU CI+: wie oben, aber … Basisfrequenz: 466 MHz Wien / WU Basis: wie oben, aber: Basisfrequenz: 108 MHz SR: 6000 (von DVB-T umgewandelt)

ffmpeg ts to mp4 with all audio streams

I’m trying to convert a TV recording made in mpeg-ts format, to be viewed on apple tv via itunes. I want to bring over all language variants, so I found this command useful: ffmpeg -i /Volumes/deleteme/20130817_2015-0033_ORF2HD.ts -map 0:v -map 0:a -c copy /Volumes/20130817_2015-0033_ORF2HD/20130817_2015-0033_ORF2HD.mp4 So I finally can try to find time to watch that opera. [...]

interesting browser application ideas

This is an interesting idea for a office wall tv (if there is a browser available) A CSS 3 Status Monitor Display this is interesting for low-spec data loggers, if the browser has more power than the server. Clientside javascript RRD drawing

links to x264 settings explanation

x264 settings helpers … helped me understanding x264. two must read links.