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openssl for netcat use

If you ever have a need for a pipe to netcat, you might want to want to enhance your connection with encryption, here is a short example running the connection with openssl, instead of netcat. openssl s_server -cert /etc/ssl/server.crt -key /etc/ssl/private/server.pem yeah, that’s right, you need a certificate. I reused the one of my webserver. [...]

mpeg-dash with ffmpeg for HbbTV delivery … (UHD included!)

When looking (reading) around for other HbbTV projects, I found this blog which has a quick walk through in content conversion for HbbTV. Since this is a quick write up for complete coverage of their destination formats, including the command lines, I post it here, as a cheat sheet, in case your ffmpeg blows up [...]

updates erledigt.

Falls Euch der Ausfall am Samstag zwischen 16-22h aufgefallen ist, ich habe nur das Betriebssystem von diesem Server auf die aktuellste Ausgabe aktualisiert. Damit haben wir jetzt wieder über 500 Tage automatische Updates.

G-Loaded! (blog)

G-Loaded!. Good general opinion blog that I would like to recommend if you find nothing more to read right now …