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desktop streaming

Finally I come around to publish an 3.5y old draft. On 20120130 (iso style date), I was closing a project where I needed streaming a (Linux/X11) desktop to (Digital) TVs. So I wanted to flush out my notes to this blog, but never did, until today. You still need to tell the TV to watch [...]

mpeg-dash with ffmpeg for HbbTV delivery … (UHD included!)

When looking (reading) around for other HbbTV projects, I found this blog which has a quick walk through in content conversion for HbbTV. Since this is a quick write up for complete coverage of their destination formats, including the command lines, I post it here, as a cheat sheet, in case your ffmpeg blows up [...]

finally a example of XRandR

A mailing-list post named “XRandR transform (keystone correction) ….” is finally the rosetta stone to understand XRandR. the important part (thanks to Glynn Clements for this): First, the transformation converts from output coordinates to input coordinates. So the above will result in the bottom corners of the screen being mapped 100 pixels in from [...]

ffmpeg ts to mp4 with all audio streams

I’m trying to convert a TV recording made in mpeg-ts format, to be viewed on apple tv via itunes. I want to bring over all language variants, so I found this command useful: ffmpeg -i /Volumes/deleteme/20130817_2015-0033_ORF2HD.ts -map 0:v -map 0:a -c copy /Volumes/20130817_2015-0033_ORF2HD/20130817_2015-0033_ORF2HD.mp4 So I finally can try to find time to watch that opera. [...]

How to create working media files for Sony Bravia TV’s media player using ffmpeg

Got a Sony Bravia TV’s (KDL-xxEXxxx)? Want to play that mkv you downloaded? Better read this before getting frustrated with the “features” of the built in media player. Sebastian did the experimental work to get his movie file and TV media player together.

intelligent tv …. is it possible?

Are you still searching for the one TV content, that is intelligent? here are two suggestions, worth checking out: Ted Rosling @ TED2007 (while you’re at it, check out the other content as well Hirsi Ali @ Commonwealth Club (more content at Maybe more of 3SAT/NPR style, but worth it to concentrate on [...]